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. and 62 degrees in santa rosa. now looks like as we head throughout the afternoon plenty of sunshine all the way to the coastline. mostly clear tonight with those offshore winds. and it looks like it's going to be a dry weekend but probably not quite as warm especially into sunday. that's when we are likely going to see a sea breeze pick up once again and temperatures will drop off. temperatures in the low to mid- 60s this time of year. nine degrees above average in san francisco and about 69, 73 in san jose and about 70 in santa rosa so you get the idea working on a great day ahead. this is probably the peak of the heat as the high pressure is overhead. that's when these temperatures start to warm up. it will be a very nice day today and a mild weekend indeed. warm temperatures all around the bay area. even out at the coastline. today looking very nice outside. the temperatures expected to pop up as high as 37 degrees in san jose. about 68 in half moon bay. 70 in hayward. east bay temperatures looking very nice, as well. let's plan on 69 in live
soaring near 70 degrees. outside now 62 degrees in oakland, 63 santa rosa, 60 in san francisco. blue skies all the way to the beach. and here is that ridge again building in and a dominant ridge. this is going to keep the storm track north of the bay area for the next five to seven days so these temperatures running rather mild. a dry week ahead looks like so yeah, boy, can't change it so might as well enjoy it. looks like overnight tonight, we'll see some patchy fog developing along the coastline and maybe just inside the bay. not a whole lot but maybe just a smidgeon of fog early on. and then looks like we are going to see an offshore wind kick in as we head in toward the latter part of the week. of course, that will help clear out your skies to the coast and warm those temperatures up. 62 degrees expected in san jose, 59 today a little cool into pacifica, east bay temperatures up into the low 60s. and as you head inside the bay we'll find plenty of sunshine and some temperatures running as high as 63 degrees in oakland, about 64 in santa rosa an
. and 57 degrees in santa rosa. looking out, very quiet out there. and still, mild into the afternoon. tonight, we may see a couple patches of fog, chilly inland but not as cold as this morning and then a warming trend into valentine's day and holding on into the weekend. high pressure overhead. it's moving closer to the coast. and we will begin to see an offshore wind. and that will be enough to crank up the temperatures. much warmer days ahead. in fact, some numbers could head into the low 70s. computer model into the afternoon, skies mostly clear. and then overnight tonight, we may see a couple patches of fog near the coastline and maybe sliding inside the bay. but not a whole lot. and the better part of valentine's day, looking sweet outside. a lot of sunshine and warmer weather. 64 degrees today. about 62 in san mateo. east bay temperatures up into the 60s in most spots. about 64 degrees in oakland. 64 in mill valley. and 61 in san francisco. overnight low rings still cold in spots, 30s and 40s, but not as cold as this morning and the next c
. but the temperatures are staying very cool. 51 degrees in concord. 49 in santa rosa. 50 in san jose. and 51 degrees in san francisco. throughout the afternoon, the temperatures stay cool. and mostly cloudy skies along the coastline. and the clouds break up inside the bay. and partly cloudy in the afternoon in many of the valleys. tonight the storm clouds roll in and a chance of showers developing late tonight and early tomorrow morning. numbers are in the 30s and 40s. a very cold system dropping in off the gulf of alaska and you can see the low making its way in our direction. and lots of cold air for tomorrow and it could bring the snow level down to 2,000 feet. especially overnight on tuesday, into wednesday morning. around the state today, some 50s and upper 60s toward the fresno area. here is the computer model with the latest run on the storm system approaching the coastline. late tonight. you can see beginning to drop in to bring scattered showers. and look for the commute tomorrow. a pretty good band of energy romming through -- rolling throug
cool, 57 degrees in san leandro, 58 breezy in of, and about 61 degrees in santa rosa. 58 breezy in san francisco. tomorrow frost in the valleys overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. then by the afternoon, we are looking good. the next couple of days a lot of sunshine, couple of clouds, but the weekend looking very nice. plenty of sunshine and some very nice weather and it looks like it's going to last well into next week. and do you have something else you need to say, michelle? >> i have a lot to say! we don't have enough time! [ laughter ] >> it's biological. it's not my fault. >> i'm not saying a thinking. >>> stephanie tantillo is in the kitchen with her dad today with a flavorful chicken dish. [ laughter ] >>> what we have in here is some ground chicken with some cumin which is really good on like meats and poultry and stuff but we don't use it that much and we also have spinach, grape tomatoes and onions all sauteeing together. >> the onions are sweet onions right now that are in season or coming in. you do haven't to saute them for a lo
. little bit of a breeze over the bay, as well. 59 degrees in concord right now. 59 in santa rosa. 58 in san jose. a low 50s at the coastline right now. it's looking good toward mount diablo and really into the afternoon. lots of sunshine for everyone these temperatures right around seasonal for this time of year. a few more clouds overnight tonight. and then it looks like some dry weather coming our way but maybe a little cooler into saturday. high pressure right now sitting out across the pacific and along the west coast but you can already see the storm system riding over the top of the ridge the one that moves through later on tonight cooling us down on saturday. but by sunday, those temperatures are going to pop right back up as high pressure builds in. overnight tonight, we are expecting a few more clouds to roll in across our skies and we are going to keep things dry here but it's going to pass through tomorrow morning and move out of town so once that moves on by it looks like before a good day on saturday. a little bit blustery at the coas
. 63 right now we have started to bounce there and santa rosa, 58 in san jose. and 56 degrees a little breezy into san francisco. those winds picking up a bit more approaching the coastline. you can see the wind in the trees toward mount diablo. breezy at the coast, afternoon sunshine, patchy fog. otherwise, we are looking good. and then some warmer days ahead. in fact, tomorrow the next couple of days start to warm up but by the end of the week we could be talking about temperatures in the 70s. a lot of folks complaining about the pollen out signed and we are running moderate as far as the pollen count right now. so yeah, if you had some trouble with your nose a little sniffling and sneezing that's the reason y everything is blooming right now. we have one cold front passing by one behind it right here helping us suppress this ridge a bit but looks like staying dry for now and probably for the next four to five days. then toward the weekend we'll pick up clouds. temperatures though for today plan on 64 degrees in san jose. about 58 and breez
today. 63 degrees in santa rosa, 60 san jose, 63 in livermore and 62 degrees in concord. as we look toward the afternoon it will stay nice and sunny all around the bay area with some very mild temperatures. mostly clear tonight. and a warming trend still in effect that we could see some 70s toward the latter part of the week. if are wondering why you're sneezing, we have a reason. pollen count is running on the moderate side. a lot of trees are now blooming. you will see pollen on your cars blowing around. if we had rain it would clean the atmosphere but that's not happening. high pressure still sitting in bring some very might conditions. the storm track lifting to the north, they will see more rain in the pacific northwest. we're going too keep things dry here for now. the best chance for rainfall, not much, is saturday night into early sunday morning. 44 degrees lake tahoe, 58 monterey bay. i think we're looking good around the bay today. plenty of sunshine some mild temperatures. 64 in san jose. 65 in cupertino. cool 57 though in half moon
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8